WhatsApp Plus 2018 Apk

WhatsApp Plus2018 APK

If you think that the current version of WhatsApp is not satisfying enough, you might haven’t tried whatsapp plus app before. The WhatsApp Plus is the better version of WhatsApp because it is more secure, more versatile, and safer. When it comes to privacy, you will want to communicate with others without the third party snooping your message. Here is where the whatsapp plus app can have the perk, among the other fantastic features.

The whatsapp plus app comes with unbeatable features with more privacy options that you can set to improve your personal experience with WhatsApp. For instance, you can add more letters to your status, hide your online status, and send larger files to other users. You can also set the password for your WhatsApp application so that you are the only one who can use the app.

When it comes to the online status, we can give two thumbs up for the whatsapp plus app. It comes with tons of privacy features that will help you a lot in maintaining your communication with other users. Here are the privacy features that you could consider:

      Hide Online Status
      Hide Blue Ticks
      Hide Second Tick
      Hide Writing Tick
      Hide Recording Status
      Hide Blue Microphone
      Hide View Status

With the features above, you will be able to minimize the risks of rules violation or abuses procured by other users, creating a safer environment for you and your friends or family to communicate. You can also share all kinds of files including audio, video, pictures, e-books. However, the size is bigger than the usual size limitation. You can get whatsapp plus 2018 apk

If you already have the WhatsApp app in your current smartphone, you don’t need to worry. By downloading the whatsapp plus app on our page, you won’t lose your previous chats and history. Make sure to back up the conversations first in your Gdrive or other options.

The version of whatsapp plus app is much improved, and that’s what you need to adjust your mobility in this modern time. You will no longer meet any difficulties when you need to send the videos to your employees or friends. You need to use your whatsapp plus app and send those big files without any hassle.

The installation of the whatsapp plus app is straightforward. You need to download the APK from this page and install it in your smartphone. VOILA, you'll be able to use the whatsapp plus app right away. 


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